Over the many years of my career, a lot of patients who had been suffering from chronic pain
and mental disorders have said: "I just want to be reborn."
Obviously no one can be reborn, but if you become free
from pain and disease, it will feel as if you were.

Reborn Acupuncture Clinic will take care of you,
with the most friendly welcome and the best acupuncture skills.


One client per session policy

Reborn Acupuncture Clinic books only one patient at each time slot to provide the very best treatment. Therefore, you will never be “one of them” at the same time or left alone but will be with your practitioner during the whole session.


Diverse Therapeutic Services

Reborn Acupuncture insists on the traditional acupuncture method. However, depending on your symptoms and disorders, we also serve modernized treatment services including sports massage, electrical muscle stimulation, electronic activation for spinal re-alignment, infrared lamp, Kinesio Taping, etc. 


Traditional Korean ceramic cups

Cupping massage is now widely accepted, not only in Asia but also in Western countries due to its prominent outcome. Reborn Acupuncture prefers Korean ceramic cupping cups, rather than plastic air suction cups, as traditional fire cupping massage can lead to natural therapeutic efficacy.

‌In a world of choice, why choose pain?


We use 14 different lengths of and diameters of disposable, single-use acupuncture needles for various symptoms, acupoints, and body sensitivities to maximize effectiveness and painless needling.


Reborn Acupuncture Clinic ‌uses an electrical hydraulic adjustable bed. Our high technical acupuncture bed promises a most comfortable session, allowing us to adjust the height of the bed to suit your needs.


Our clinic uses disposable fabric bed sheets, face cover pads, alcohol swabs, and hand sanitizer for every patient to meet the high standard of hygiene and infection control under the NZ Health and Safety Act.

We make it our principle to offer competitive pricing.
This is a way we can give back what we have been given by New Zealand as immigrants.


Here for you

We care about your health and wellbeing. You are most welcome to contact us at any time - even after working hours and during the weekend - by phone, text, email, or through our website. 

Should we fail to answer your call, we may be in the middle of a session, so please just leave a message.