Sincere Apology and
Hearty Appreciation

Since middle of last year, Reborn Acupuncture has been little bit struggling with a getting longer waiting list. I would like to appreciate to patients' trust from deepest heart but also sincerely apologize for inconvenience to my precious patients who have been waiting for more than a few weeks, month or who already gave up for waiting. To make better situation, I humbly would like to release some useful tips for booking an appointment as below.

1) The best way to make a booking is sending a text(021 180 5782 Jake) of your full name(for first visit patient)and the range of available time/ days as other people in the waitlist have their own different available time/days for booking so you could possibly take a slot earlier than others if time matched.

2) I have been happily communicating with clients "literally" 24-7 via Email, Text, homepage message and phone call. So If you have any change of your medical status or received the result of new X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Blood test, Urine test etc., but not clearly understood about it, you can keep me updated to set up the ideal treatment plan as well as for me to explain to you in more detail about the test results during next session.

 3) Understandably, the cancellation of appointment could be inevitable in urgent cases .
However, our appointment system is being operated like a "conveyor belt" hence, Unless you have had a discussion about following appointment with me in advance, If you miss your appointment, in principle, your slot and choice of following appointments will be given to next person(to be fair).

4) Insisting on coming to my clinic is really appreciated however If your case is in need with prompt medical help, please don't hesitate to seek other medical professionals including even other acupuncture clinic but just keep me updated. The proper treatment ON TIME is much more important than loyalty.

5) When I was young, my dad always said that being late is stealing others' time and it is worse than stealing others' money because money can be remade but time can not be remade. Thank for your Punctuality.

Again,I can never thank enough to your support and trust. I promise keep doing my best treatment for every single patient same as last week, last month and the first day we opened.

Jake, Reborn Acupuncture